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Welcome to my blog.  BugCrafters.net is the Blog Site for BugCrafters.com.  The main site was hacked at the first of the year.  As a result, I had to switch back to a static site.  I missed the interactivity and the ease of publishing post.  Now with the Blog Site, readers can comment on post.  You must be registered to post, however.  BugCrafters.com is still operational and will contain the files for Beginner Fly Tying as well as the Featured Fly.

Check our Blog frequently.  Here, we will talk about what we are tying, where we are fishing, what we are reading and new equipment for fly tying and fly fishing.

I’ll be posting often so check back regularly.

Show Low, Arizona

My mother-in-law passed away a few years ago.  She was cremated and wanted her ashes spread out west where she had lived.  About a month ago, my wife ,Patti, my son, Mikey, and I made a long road trip to Arizona.  First stop, Flagstaff Arizona where we went to the Lowell Observatory.  I can see why large telescopes are placed on high mountains. They seem to have more stars.  It was here that Pluto was discovered. Continue reading

Sowbug Roundup 2016

The Sowbug Roundup  2016 was a great success.  It is held each year in the spring in Mountain Home, Arkansas.  The programs are put on by the North Arkansas Fly Fishers and is held at the Baxter County Fairgrounds.  This year there were about 135 fly tiers demonstrating fly tying over a 3 day period. It was an opportunity to see old friends and to make new ones.

Sowbug Roundup

Sowbug Roundup

Continue reading

Camping Trailer

Well, I promised I would keep you updated on my trailer.  I had good intentions.  I worked very hard to finish so I could use the trailer at the Southern Council Conclave in October.  But it became clear that I was not going to meet that deadline and things slowed to a crawl.  It is almost finished except for some outside trim and painting and a little inside trim.    Continue reading

Working on Trailer

side viewAs you can see, I have been working on the trailer.  All the outside woodwork is done and much is covered with Aluminum.  I have also done a lot inside.  The walls are covered.  The wiring is done.  The ceiling is in place and I have mounted two light fixtures.  I was promised fiberglass panels for the side but they never materialized.  I put off mounting anything in the hope that they might finally arrive.  But I could not wait any longer.  So I bought aluminum panels.  They are going to work out well.  Once the panels are in place, I will paint them and then install the windows and the door. Continue reading