Armstrong Spring Creek

Armstrong Spring Creek is a world famous spring creek featured in many fly fishing books and fly fishing magazine articles.  Along with DePuy and Nelson Spring Creek, they make up the Spring Creeks of Paradise Valley just 6 miles from Livingston, Montana.  I had a chance to fish this creek in August with Molly Semenik and Michael Ames. Continue reading

Veevus Fly Tying Thread

Veevus a Danish company has come out with a new line of fly tying thread. The thread comes in the usual sizes 6-0 all the way down to 16-0 and in a variety of colors. At first, I thought the smaller sizes would be ideal for small flies. I do not tie many small flies. It seems that I use too many thread wraps and the proportions just don’t seem right. By using the smaller size thread, perhaps my flies would look better. I normally use Uni 8-0 thread. Continue reading

Soda Butte River Montana

In August, Michael Ames and I drove to Livingston, Montana to fish with our friend Molly Semenik. Molly is a FFF Certified Master Casting Instructor and owner of Tie The Knot Fly Fishing Outfitters. During or trip we fished the Yellowstone River, Soda Butte River and Armstrong Spring Creek. This post is about our adventures on the Soda Butte River. More on the others later. Continue reading

Hello world!


Welcome to my blog. is the Blog Site for  The main site was hacked at the first of the year.  As a result, I had to switch back to a static site.  I missed the interactivity and the ease of publishing post.  Now with the Blog Site, readers can comment on post.  You must be registered to post, however. is still operational and will contain the files for Beginner Fly Tying as well as the Featured Fly.

Check our Blog frequently.  Here, we will talk about what we are tying, where we are fishing, what we are reading and new equipment for fly tying and fly fishing.

I’ll be posting often so check back regularly.