Fly Patterns for Beginning Fly Tyers

Several years ago, I started BugCrafters web site with the purpose of teaching fly tying to beginning fly tyers.  The Beginning Flies Section of the site was to contain approximately 10 patterns.  Each fly was selected to demonstrate a specific tying principle. When you mastered each pattern, you could advance to next fly and learn additional skills. By the time you finished all of the flies, you would be able to tie many different fly patterns. These fly patterns were not chosen just to demonstrate a fly tying technique, they would also catch fish. We provided  detailed tying instructions, not just a recipe. In addition, each step was demonstrated with video that you could watch as many times as you need. You could learn at your own pace. Continue reading


If you were asked to list fly tying tools, the bodkin would probably be the last tool on your list. It might not even be on your list at all. The bodkin is a simple tool used to accurately position thread wraps, pluck out material caught under other materials, or to apply a small amount of cement to a precise spot. Continue reading