Squidget Tiny Travel Trailer



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Several years ago, I built a teardrop trailer. The plans were from a 1950’s Popular Mechanics magazine. I bought the plans from Knuffle Creek. I really enjoyed building the trailer. After all you always have to have a project. Initially, I thought that my wife and I might use it. However, she is from California and does not fish or camp (I guess opposites do attract). It is a bit too close for me and one of my buddies. Well maybe in an emergency but only as a last resort. Over the years, I have really enjoyed using the Teardrop. The bed is comfortable ( I’m getting too old to sleep on the ground). I especially liked camping in the rain and going to sleep with the sound of rain on the roof. The galley in the back was convenient for cooking and I had plenty of space. Continue reading

Soda Butte Creek

Soda Butte Creek is the third largest tributary to the Lamar River and a popular destination of fisherman. It gets its name from a large, mound like extinct geyser that still belches hydrogen sulfide gas. The Northeast entrance highway follows along the creek for most of its way to the Lamar River. There are two types of water. One is small stream pocket water and the other is the slow to moderate meadow stream type of water. We had planned to fish the Lamar River but rain the night before made the Lamar River unfishable. As one guide put it, “It’s so muddy you can walk across it.” We thought we would continue up to the first meadow of the Soda Butte. A lot of other fishermen had the same idea. Not to be deterred, we drove up to the Trout Lake parking spot and crossed the road. After a short hike, we were standing beside the pocket water of the Soda Butte.

soda butte pocket

Soda Butte Creek Pocket Water

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