Camping Trailer

Well, I promised I would keep you updated on my trailer.  I had good intentions.  I worked very hard to finish so I could use the trailer at the Southern Council Conclave in October.  But it became clear that I was not going to meet that deadline and things slowed to a crawl.  It is almost finished except for some outside trim and painting and a little inside trim.   

I have slept in the trailer.  It is especially nice when it rains or sleets.  I sleep like a baby with the noise.  Here is a picture of the inside looking toward the front.

Rear inside view railer

Inside Trailer Looking Toward Front

As you can see, the front has a lot of cabinet space. Remember that the upper cabinets are smaller at the top than the bottom. I have a space for a small microwave. The portable heater works well heating up the inside of the trailer. I have stayed in it comfortably with  outside temps of 25 degrees or less. The cooler fits on the shelf covering the portapotty. The tailer door is a used unit that was taken off a commercial trailer.  Someone had tried to break into it.  It had a little cosmetic damage. I got it for $100. A significant savings.


Rear View Inside Trailer

The rear view shows the fold down couch.  Lift up on the front and pull forward, it becomes the bed. You can see my pillow and sleeping bag behind the back of the couch. There are two nice large cabinets and unseen behind the couch is a shelf for clock or glass of water.  My wife made the nice curtains. The air airconditioner is more than adequate for cooling the trailer. I have discovered one small problem. When you sleep and try to sit up it is possible for you to hit your head on the cabinets. Not a real problem since I sleep in the middle and it is not likely my wife will ever go camping with me.  With the seat in the couch position, there is enough room for two or maybe three people to sit comfortable with one sitting on the portapotty cabinet.


It should be ready for the Sow Bug  Roundup in April this year. If you come by the Northfork Camp Grounds, stop and say hello.