Camping Trailer

Well, I promised I would keep you updated on my trailer.  I had good intentions.  I worked very hard to finish so I could use the trailer at the Southern Council Conclave in October.  But it became clear that I was not going to meet that deadline and things slowed to a crawl.  It is almost finished except for some outside trim and painting and a little inside trim.    Continue reading

Working on Trailer

side viewAs you can see, I have been working on the trailer.  All the outside woodwork is done and much is covered with Aluminum.  I have also done a lot inside.  The walls are covered.  The wiring is done.  The ceiling is in place and I have mounted two light fixtures.  I was promised fiberglass panels for the side but they never materialized.  I put off mounting anything in the hope that they might finally arrive.  But I could not wait any longer.  So I bought aluminum panels.  They are going to work out well.  Once the panels are in place, I will paint them and then install the windows and the door. Continue reading

Squidget Tiny Travel Trailer



Squidget Tiny Travel Trailer from

Several years ago, I built a teardrop trailer. The plans were from a 1950’s Popular Mechanics magazine. I bought the plans from Knuffle Creek. I really enjoyed building the trailer. After all you always have to have a project. Initially, I thought that my wife and I might use it. However, she is from California and does not fish or camp (I guess opposites do attract). It is a bit too close for me and one of my buddies. Well maybe in an emergency but only as a last resort. Over the years, I have really enjoyed using the Teardrop. The bed is comfortable ( I’m getting too old to sleep on the ground). I especially liked camping in the rain and going to sleep with the sound of rain on the roof. The galley in the back was convenient for cooking and I had plenty of space. Continue reading