Ed Engle

Michael Ames and I spent the weekend on the Norfork River camping just below the Dam. We were there to attend a program on Fly Fishing and Tying Small flies put on by the North Arkansas Fly Fishers an Affiliate club of the Federation of Fly Fishers. Ed Engle was the speaker. He talked on fly fishing at 10 AM and at 1 PM with a book signing in between. His afternoon talk was followed by a fly tying demonstration. The same schedule was followed on Sunday with Ed discussing different aspects of fly fishing.

Camp On Norfork River

Camp on Norfork River

We thought we might get some fishing in also. Early Saturday morning we were able to fish for about an hour before the first meeting. There was a midge hatch coming off.  I was standing just below the boat launch fishing a small depression. The water was clear an there was no generation. There were dozens of fish in the seam all feeding just off the bottom. You would constantly see the white flashes as they turned to feed. I tried various nymphs and soft hackles all without success. Finally I had to quit to get ready for Ed’s talk.

Ed Engle is a professional fly fishing guide from Colorado. He is the author of several books including Fly Fishing the Tailwaters, Seasonal, A Life Outside, Splitting Cane, Tying Small Flies, and Fishing Small Flies. As he talked, he described the exact situation I had observed that morning. The fish were feeding on midges getting ready to hatch into adults. They were taking the midges as they left the bottom to hatch on the surface. The fish were concentration on the midges so the other flies that normal worked were refused.

Ed Engle

Ed Engle tying small flies

Had I gone to his talk first, I would have known what was going on and would have been more successful.

After the afternoon sessions, we went back to camp.  The midge hatch was still in progress.  We were going to fish but the generation started again. We got up the next morning to go fishing. Just as Michael got in he water the dam siren sounded again. We packed up and went home.

Your can find out more about Ed Engle at his web site.>>ML

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