Fishing Lake Dunn– Village Creek Sate Park

Well, David Weingold and I finally got to go fishing.  I believe that this is the first time we have gone fishing this year.  We decided to go to Lake Dunn in Village Creek State Park.  This lake is one of two in the park.

Several years ago a 16 pound 5 ounce record Largemouth Bass was caught in this lake.  Unfortunately, the fisherman did not have a current fishing license. The fish and the record were taken from him.  In addition, he received a healthy fine.  We thought we would try our luck with fly rods and top water flies.

The weather was very nice.  At 7:00 the temperature was 72 degrees with a slight breeze and, as the weatherman would say, there was abundant sunshine. The humidity was fairly high and the high temperature was forecast to be 94 degrees.  It was going to get hot.

We launched our canoe and started pounding the shore line and any piles of brush in the water.  We had a few strikes of small fish but caught none  David did finally catch a nice a nice Bream and Small Bass.  After 2 hours of fishing, we changed places in the canoe and I caught a few fish also.

david bream

David Bream

Small Bass

Small Bass

The most interesting thing we caught was a banded water snake.  The snake was about 3 feet long and was chasing my fly.  When I recast, the snake headed for our canoe.  Did I mention David does not like snakes.  He was frantically trying to get away from the snake.  I pulled my fly across his back and hooked him.  We generally practice catch and release, but I could not get David to unhook him.  Well he finally came loose and quickly swam to the shore.  There was limb hanging over the water and he quickly rose from the water and climbed into the tree.

Paddling back to the launch ramp, we noticed several large flies on the water.  On close observation, it was a large may fly laying eggs.  The Mayfly was flying along the surface, wings beating and its legs touching the surface with its abdomen held in the water as it flew.  No mating swarms and no spent flies.  I was not able to catch one for identification.  I have never noted this behavior before.  Usually when laying eggs, the Mayflies will drop the eggs from just above the water or land on the water to lay eggs.

We had a great time fishing and caught a few fish and one snake.  It was a good day.