Rough Hands

In my profession, I wash my hands a lot.  As a result, they are rough and dry.  This causes problems with trying to tie with floss or other light material.  They catch on my rough skin or my hands cause fraying of the material.  Using lotion on you hands helps.  But some are greasy or leave a residue on your hands causing your tying material to absorb the lotion and looking dirty. 

My partner who is a dermatologist gave me a bottle of Skin MD, a sample he got from a detail man (a salesman from the pharmaceutical company that tries to get you to use their products).  This stuff works great.  It moisturizes your hands and leave them with a protective barrier that is smooth and dry.  Once it dries, in about 5 minutes, floss and feathers will no longer catch on your skin.  The effect last all day.

Skin MD

Skin MD Hand Lotion

Disclaimer, I am not a paid endorser and have no stock in the company.  You can probably find Skin MD in any pharmacy. >>M L