Smallmouth Rendezvous 2013

ML Tying

Michael Lack tying at the Smallmouth Rendezvous

I had the pleasure of tying flies at the Smallmouth Rendezvous in Tahlequah, Oklahoma this weekend. The gathering is relatively small consisting of about 50 fly tyers and the public. I had a great time. There were opportunities to tie flies of course but also time to visit with and observe other fly tyers. The event lasted two days, Friday and Saturday. It was good thing the event was indoors. It was cold and snowed Thursday night. The Smallmouth Rendezvous has been going on for 11 years. Hopefully, it will continue. The event is sponsored by the Northeastern Oklahoma Fly Fishing Club. You can find out more information at

I was tying Friday when Larry Stinnett, the fly tying chairman, came by to watch me for a few minutes. I was tying Wobble Buggers. He noted that one of the other club member tied a similar fly and would be tying on Saturday.

Directions Wobble Bugger

Directions for Wobble Bugger

Walter Davis was tying on Saturday. I went to his station and watched him for a few minutes. He told me how great this fly was and that he had good luck with it. He had been tying it for a while. Instead of glueing foam together, he was using foam cut from can coolers. He stated they were cheap and that the foam was already curved. He also used a slightly larger piece of foam. Cooler foam is about 12 mm thick, twice what I use. But in all aspects, it was a Wobble Bugger. He pointed to a stack of handouts and said I could have one if I wanted one. I looked at the stack of handouts and found a copy of the pdf file I posted on tying the Wobble Bugger on I told him I really didn’t need one since I wrote it. He looked down at the handout and then at my name tag. The look on his face was priceless.

Walter Davis

Walter Davis and Michael Lack comparing Wobble Buggers

Keeping the BugCrafters website and blog up to date takes a lot of work. I have been better lately at posting, but improvements could still be made (maybe after I retire). I often wonder if anyone found the site useful. There have been no comments on the blog, although there are several registered users. The main site has had over 5000 views and the blog about 1500. The videos have been viewed over 70,000 times (this included views on YouTube). However, to actually see someone download the material and use it was encouraging. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.


Sparrow tied with Megli Fish Fiber

Lezley Chastain from Megli Fish Fiber was also there. I finally got some black as well as several other colors of their products. The dubbing has very long fibers.  It is ideal for dubbing large flies or flies that require a lot of dubbing.  She also showed me how to use a carder for mixing dubbing. Thanks Lezley.

I am looking forward to going back next year. Maybe I will see you there.