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Several years ago, I built a teardrop trailer. The plans were from a 1950’s Popular Mechanics magazine. I bought the plans from Knuffle Creek. I really enjoyed building the trailer. After all you always have to have a project. Initially, I thought that my wife and I might use it. However, she is from California and does not fish or camp (I guess opposites do attract). It is a bit too close for me and one of my buddies. Well maybe in an emergency but only as a last resort. Over the years, I have really enjoyed using the Teardrop. The bed is comfortable ( I’m getting too old to sleep on the ground). I especially liked camping in the rain and going to sleep with the sound of rain on the roof. The galley in the back was convenient for cooking and I had plenty of space.

It does have its drawbacks, however. Inside there is enough room to stretch out, but it is difficult to sit up comfortably. You can not stand up, so dressing and undressing is done outside. If it is raining and you have to be inside, about all you can do is sleep. Even that gets old after a while.

Well, I am starting a new project. I am building the Squidget Tiny Travel Trailer. The trailer is 12 long and 5 feet wide. It is tall enough for a person to stand up in. It has a porta potty but no running water. This will become my new fishing trailer. My buddies will still have to use a tent, but it will be possible for two or possible three people to sit inside. It has an air conditioner for use in camp with 110 volt access. And a small heater can be used in the winter. The heater would run off 110 volts or 12 volts DC. I am really excited about this project.

You can see a video of the trailer here.

I have already purchased the steel for the frame and had it welded. Here is a picture of the steel cut to size, the axle, and the wheels and the completed frame.

Trailer Parts

Trailer Parts

Trailer Frame

Finished Trailer Frame

I am currently working on one of the walls. I’ll post pictures of my progress. If you know anyone who would like to buy a slightly used Teardrop Trailer, send them my way.


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