Stealth Bomber – the fly

Well, it’s time to start planning for our 8th trip to the Boundary Waters for a little Smallmouth and Pike fishing.  We generally try to go the week before Memorial Day. This year it comes a little earlier in May, which should be just about two weeks after ice out. Ice out usually occurs the first of May. It is the ideal fishing time.

Stealth Bomber

Size 6 Stealth Bomber

I will be taking the usual flies including Wobble Buggers, foam poppers, hair poppers and others. I have also been tying Stealth Bombers. This is a foam slider that is easy to tie and is very effective. No special techniques are required but you do need a pattern for the foam body. I bought a commercial cutter that is available on-line but I am not sure I like it. First, it is expensive and after cutting a number of bodies, it is already getting dull. I don’t know how long it will cut foam. Second, the tail is also a little short for tying the fly. To solve this problem, instead of lining the cutter up with the edge of the foam, I place it up ½ inch from the edge. I then compete the cut with a pair of scissors.

Foam Body

Body pattern cut with commercial cutter. Finish cut with scissors.

If the tail is a little long, you can always cut some of it off, but it is hard to add foam if it is too short. You do not have to use the cutter. A pattern that can used to cut your own bodies from foam with scissors is available HERE .  I’ll try to put tying instructions on my web site soon.

Fishing for Bass with top water flies is one of my favorite types of fishing. Every time a fish takes my fly, the adrenalin rush begins and my heart beats fast. But this year, I am going to make an effort to fish with a sinking line and sinking flies too. Usually, the person in the rear of the canoe paddling will trail a Wooly Bugger. Frequently, he will have to stop to take a fish off his line. We will see if this is as productive as fishing top water flies and if the fish are as big as those caught on top.  I’ll post the details of the trip in June.>>ML