Working on Trailer

side viewAs you can see, I have been working on the trailer.  All the outside woodwork is done and much is covered with Aluminum.  I have also done a lot inside.  The walls are covered.  The wiring is done.  The ceiling is in place and I have mounted two light fixtures.  I was promised fiberglass panels for the side but they never materialized.  I put off mounting anything in the hope that they might finally arrive.  But I could not wait any longer.  So I bought aluminum panels.  They are going to work out well.  Once the panels are in place, I will paint them and then install the windows and the door.

The rear is finished.  The panels are in place and caulked.  Trim has been applied. The air conditioner box is attached and the cargo door is framed.  Here is a picture of the rear.  Some of the plastic wrap is still in place.  It will be removed before painting.

rear view

This is a picture of the front of the trailer.  Two large areas for my logo and website name.

front view

It has been very hot with temps in the high 90’s and humidity in the 70% range.   Heat index is around 110 today.  I can only work outside early in the morning.  I have been sweating so much in the shop that the top of my table saw is rusting.